I remember this game automatically being one of the coolest arcade games from its gimmick of using TWO SCREENS!

Nothing can move S. Bires

More from Urte McBeat, feared and hated everywhere in the world... Except in Spider Man's city.

I think they're really stretching for additional credits now... | Oh no! A bad guy who can't be moved! | Though it wasn't explained in the comics, Wendigo apparently is a Pokemon...

Professor X:

Voice acting in the same caliber as House of the Dead 2. (Though still not as bad as the voice acting in the "Pryde of the X-Men" video, which the plot of this game is loosely based) | Xavier explains the whole situation. | "Sorry, X-Men, but Magneto is in another castle!"

And a special section dedicated to Magneto:

"You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake!" | "Master of Magnet" sounds a lot stupider than "Master of Magnetism"... | Oh no! It's Resident Evil all over again! | Is it just me, or does Magneto sound like he's taking a crap when saying "Shield"? | X-Men, Wrath. Wrath, X-Men. | A VERY unorigional taunt... | Wow, Magneto's a fan of Violence Fight! | The most famous quote from this game ever... | Even the White Queen can't escape this quote!

Fight! X-Men! For Everlasting Peace!