Xenogears, how I love thee.

Contributions from Ellcrys and Brandaravon. Phear their mad skillz.

More from S. Bires, fighting against Dongarian Monkey discrimination.

And more from Video Warrior Laserion, who isn't supposed to appear yet, but it's only the demo version


Hey Fei, you're looking pretty well! Hahahaha | Oh jesus...

The quote that will be remembered for the rest of video game history. Xenogears contribution to the fine history of unforgettable quotes perpetrated by Squaresoft

"...Super nacho information?"

Toilet humor!

The elementals have an "intellectual" conversation

Lucca makes her glorious cameo appearance: The semantics of saving your game | If I knew what the hell a dongarian monkey was, I'd agree | Lucca, completely full of herself | Lucca makes it seem much more important than it actually is | Lucca's precise lecture on save points

Big Joe OWNS your ass | Hammer the onomatopoetic | I WILL KILL CHU WITH DEATH! ...stupid pink rat... | Oh, the pain of rejection for the pink rat | Gotta love these disclaimers | Somebody had a little too much crack with their coffee today. | No, I meant your mom. | Redundancy: For RPG characters who just don't get it the first time | Really, this needs to be seen in the game | Hundreds of years of selective inbreeding gave Bart Fatima his rapier wit | Something sounds kind of genitally in a clinical sort of way here | Ah, Fei. You take after Shinji Ikari, your spiritual father, so well | Well, here's another fetish to add to the Portal of Evil - Mechfightphiles | "The Stuff"? WINNERS DON'T DO DRUGS! WILLIAM S. SESSIONS, DIRECTOR, FBI

Another one to add to the Portal of Evil fetish list | Elly gets her Guh on

I'm sure you have Timothy running scared now. | When will deceased people finally get the treatment they need? | The lesson is: Never piss off a backyard wrestler | Meet the town slut! If this were a hentai game, the whole plot would revolve around this one scene

Rare quotes from the Xenogears demo disk!

Gee, thanks for the condescending attitude, gramps | A scathing indictment of GameFAQs and its users | But this game is due back in two days! | Push it, baby. | Rock paper scissors: the leading cause of family dysfunction