Wow. This game really sucks. It plays like a particularily angry rhinocerous, and has the strength of conceptual design of an exploding car.

From BarrelO, scantily clad anime babe extraordinaire, and Dan Tanaree, digging his way into our heart. And Manna, who is in tune with the 4th.

*splurt* | And the crowd goes wild for, uh, VZR? | Or maybe you're just fucking crazy? | I reserve the right to kick you in the balls if you don't catch this reference | G-Point!? | In the words of a great man (Bud Budnick from "Salute Your Shorts"), that insult was like being ROASTED, TOASTED and BURNT to a CRISP! | Is it just me, or do you sense hints of Klingon as well? | Absolutely brilliant!

From the Japanese version:

Developer of WURM: "I ARE SUBTLE" | How touching.

No, it's realy not that funny... Stick with "The Boondocks"