I was once going to make a page about shitty ninja games. This one has refueled my ambitions.

From BarrelO, stealthy like cat, swift like the west wind.

Also from epoetker, who plans on taking over the world by stealing all the potato chips in the world, getting everyone really, really baked, and then arriving like a messiah with snacks.

WINNERS DON'T DO DRUGS! | No shit | Is this game heavy-handed or what? | EXCELLENT! (cue air guitar) | Watching the game, havin' a bud, getting PUNCHED IN THE BALLS

You know, maybe if this was Ninja Gaiden they would be able to interject some actual sense into this interrogation. Of course, if it was Ninja Gaiden this game would also be good. | With your command over the english language, you'll fit right in with their "NEW ULTRA TURBO MENS POCKY GO! GO! LOVE HEART ATTACK ways | Awwww shit