The forgotten Neo Geo fighter. OooOOoOoOOOOoOOOOOoooh....

Draygon, who was fighter #234,323 in the Underworld Blood Bash


Shyeah! WAY! | I guess Hanzo likes demon dickchicks... | Only if i get to betray you and take power for myself... | Sorry, I must have missed it... | Yes, Hanzo! FIGHT FOR THE JUSTICE! MAY THE POWER OF DESTRUCITY BE WITH YOU!

That's the brand name, dumbass | Can you imagine a sober pub brawl? | AZN PRIDE | Well, guess what? I'm walking in your food. What do you have to say about that, huh? | Thank God for that. | I'll say it, but I won't mean it | Shut up, Beavis | How did you know I was using fake blood? | Crikey, this guy's a lunatic! | Aaah! I can't see! | really are a tongh muchacho | No way, dude! | One of Shakespeare's more famous fart jokes | I thought it was "The justice always wins" | Bitch. | JUMP KICK CRACKER! | But I'm an invertebrate... | You got the "terrible" part right, at least | You're the one with goat mess on your boots... | Recently? Where have you been for the last few million years? | Ooh, I'm so bored.