Another Neo Geo fighter? It boggles the mind...

From Video Warrior Laserion, you are no match for his saikyo-ryu karate.

But here comes new challenger! FunkDOC!

Person must fight on!

Political humor, in a fighting game? What is this world coming to? | Uh... I'll take option number 3 | Get your hands out of your pants | This guy is too longwinded to be threatening | And this guy is a loser too, in the spelling bee | Sure...

No, I'll think of you as an assgrabbing poojabber | I want to be king of throwing people now! | What the fuck are quaters and why are they on his back?

Poor Dio is so saaaaaaad :(:(:( | Also: SCREAMING IDIOT | Again with the incoherent screaming! | His hot voice sends men gyrating. I'm guessing he'll be the next Ricky Martin | And you can't either, because that title belongs to Jim Hellwig, and you are nothing but a normal

From the SNES version:

Erik's guide on how to live better and reach Valhalla | BRIDER WILL SHOW YOU THE PATH TO ENLIGHTENMENT! | ...Is there a hidden boss fight against Dorthey? | LOVE AND PEACE~! | Wow... A football player who quotes Nietzche... | Well, you're more sophisticated than the "fighters" in Pit Fighter and any Jaguar game | Sorry. I guess I didn't take your feelings into consideration when trying to stop your evil plans of world domination... | What about the power of DESTRUCITY?!? And the FORCEFIELD COMING FROM THE WARRIOR'S PORES?!?