Wow, great, ANOTHER NEO GEO FIGHTING GAME. Let me ask why the fuck any arcade owner would get this shit when they could get any of the other ten thousand Neo Geo MVS fighting games? Oh wait, it has time travel, so they can avenge their fathers and save Mother Russia... IN THE FUTURE!

From FunkDOC, King of Fighters

And Draygon, who only liked the sequels, since they had demonic football players...

Person would like to hear another line abou thim belonging in the kitchen

What the fuck is healthy about breaking bones and rupturing organs? | Bruce Lee, you need to finish your sentences | Yes, people who have actually had to live tough lives, you twentieth century pussy. You'll get your ass whooped by the cavemen.

I probably could If you could spell correctly... | Weird to see a ninja transform his speech pattern from Middle Engrish, to a line from a Japanese Biff Tannen...

From the SNES version

Strange... That tactic sure hasn't worked for Dan... | You must be very proud of yourself | Hmmm... Do I WANT the Earth smashed or don't I? | MAKE ME A SANDWICH! | Rasputin: Corrupter of the Romanovs, Immature Jerk | YO, LEIA! I DID IT! | FACE THE WRATH OF JIM HELLWIG!