Unfortunately, this game was finally removed from my arcade. I was deeply saddened, but big screen Metal Slug cheered me up. Then they took that out. My local arcade is the absolute ghetto of video entertainment.

The Tastemaster was for dinner yesterday. Ick.

Spikey doesn't have the key to neighbor, since he was caught shoplifting before...

High above the mucky muck, castle made of clouds / there sits H Hog, sitting oh so proudly / nothing much to say, when you're high above the mucky muck... YEAH!

The well phrased intro!

Hey, Wonderboy uses the same currency as in Faxanadu!

"Jump at fence, get time"

"DEATH god has the key to neighbor"

"Knights occupy my hamlet above cliff"

"Welcome! What you want?"

What the hell kind of quiz is this?!

Select what?

And from the Master System version

No one can resist a person with the power of DESTRUCITY! | Yes, I'm quite a nice guy. Unlike Young Nasty Man, arch-rival and nemesis to Wonder Boy!