YAY! This game will make learning fun!*

*No, it won't

From Person, who stole something a thousand years ago, and we're getting on the case just now.

Well, seeing as this took place about 400 years ago, how'd you learn about this JUST NOW?

And, uh, how the hell are you supposed to steal a mural?

On that note, how the HELL do you steal an entire operahouse? | ...A fucking CATHEDRAL? | ISLANDS? Okay, this is getting ridiculous | Yes, if you had some kind of Star Trek tractor beam thing, MAYBE you could steal an island. But a RIVER? You could steal the water, but then the ocean would fill it up again. You could fill in the river with dirt, but then you're not stealing. You could steal the ocean, but then everyone would die and you'd be stealing an ocean, not a river. DUH BUH, how are we supposed to LEARN from a game that can't even grasp SIMPLE LOGIC? | And not only do they steal ridiculously huge things, they also always manage to get seen doing it

Dear god! Chairman Mao's pajamas are gone! Now he'll have to kill and "re-educate" the dissidents while slightly groggy in the morning!

The experiment was a failure | I call it "OH GOD, MY FACE" | Nonsense, this is only the beginning | Shut up when I'm talking to you! | I'll just take my business elsewhere, thanks | That's a lot of curry | No way I'd haul ass through time just to retrieve his goddamn hat. He can replace it | Well, it's possible to steal islands apparently, so this should've been a cakewalk | Don't worry, they'll catch the offender at customs | That must be a really nice tea set | That must be a really high-quality tent | Greatest tragedy of the 17th century | What genius decides to steal palaces along with stuff like this?