Proving, once again, that any fat kid who throws fire can save the world, or at least some girl he met in the forest.

Wheelie McJesus is very cheap because he can control time!

He must be a boss in an SNK game... | That is the worst price for a hit I've ever heard... | Yeah, I can understand that something that can DEFY THE LAWS OF PHYSICS would obviously be cheap...

The introduction. LET'S GO ON A FANTASIA POKEY

Yeah, it took me a while to work out that I had to throw fireballs at the Spector to kill it | This shop always closes a minute after I come in...I'm starting to get paranoid. | For that price, they had better be magic needle and yarn - the kind where if you knit a sweater with a picture of a cow on it, the cow comes to life. | Hi, Wardner! | Honestly, who didn't see this coming a mile away?