Badass crack addicted fighter for the Neo Geo. From Yamcha Hibiki and Mechaman, who love their Waku Waku balls.

More from Manna, gigantic cigarette-pillow-thing Ryu clone.

Even more from Bocobo, finding adventure wherever he goes.

Representing the overtly homosexual satyromaniacs

"Dissapointed... Is this the end?" | Yeah! Down with that damn Fernandez | This guy has about three different trains of thought going on at the same time | Uh, apology accepted | This sentence is a little unfinished | "Year"? | You looks pretty suspicious, though

Great song | Uh... Alright | More funky music | That's right | "Play with MAURU!"

Yeah, I have a nerve. More than one, actually | Condescension | Ooh, threatening | He's doing his country proud! | You damn right these balls are dangerous. They could knock an eye out.

They forgot to put in the "freakish" part. Also, DEADLY FIGHTING SKILLS OF THE NINJA a compulsory course? SIGN ME UP! | Pretty cocky for someone without any arms or legs | Well, make up your damn mind about him | Rampoo is the best name for a cat ever | You're supposed to buy him a drink first! | Is she over a jungle? I'm surprised she's not a cetacean | More scenes straight out of a bizarre hentai manga | TANK POLICE! FEEL THE POWER THAT WE'VE GOT! TANK POLICE! WE'LL GIVE IT OUR BEST SHOT! DOOT DOOT DOOT! | The Bard he ain't | Robots with humility? All robots should be programmed to KILL KILL KILL PATHETIC HUMANS except RoboCop | Like Lt. Cmdr Data, only she can pull brooms and shit out of her ass.

I'm not so sure about that...

Soaring so high above the world, never thought I could be so free... | There's nothing wrong with wandering alone at night, as long as you don't have your hand down your pants, you sick bastard

IS SO EASY | What would we ever do without FatFox Corp.? | There's nothing fun about getting the shit kicked out of me. I suck at fighting games | Right, I'll try not to let my punches knock too much off your health meter | That's right, you are sorry | I can hold my breath for pretty long, thanks