COOLEST. NAME. EVER. Really, Zartan describes the game with much more panache than I ever could.

From FunkDOC, who has a reputation for sharpness, and Soler Ochoa, reckless driver.

What sharpness! | In the universe where all lost things go, someone has written a book with all the words Taito has forgotten in their games | I am envious of his strong jumping force | The many sounds of Violence Fight: BOGON! BOGOOON! DOGON! DOGOON! GOGOON! GOON! GOOOON! | Taito, you have finally outdone yourselves | Ah yes, those reckless drivers, scourge of our society | It's Assassination Ken because it sounds cooler | Lick Joe; any relation to Pig Joe Dynamite? | Next... ME? Ohshitohshitohshit... | Worst curse EVER, comparing me to American fucking Sammy.

Sure - maul the fucking fighters before the last fight. Nice guys | FIGHT! VIOLENCE FIGHTERS! FOR EVERLASTING PEACE! | A limited vocabulary indeed | I sure scored a point over, and now my number is much | Fear the last boss.