When I play this online, I hear a lot of "lol wtf dumb gam", but they don't understand that any old fool can play X-Men vs. Street Fighter - REAL MEN play Twinkle Star Sprites.

From Yamcha Hibiki. Will he ever stop? Yo, I don't know.

And Duckman and Greg Hackmann who each provide 700% of the daily recommended allowance of sugar.

Also from Officer Black, who be a pigbird yo.

Even more from Badman, going into diabetic shock

And yet MORE from the mountainus cat poeticus Erucolindo!

Wow. Manna's really getting alownd.

More from S. Bires, obligatory creepy jailbait

This doesn't look or sound good | This is the most bizarre usage of middle english ever | What's a so fun? | Yeah, go for that sexy eight year old ass, big flying cat! | And I be from the ghetto. Word. | A piggums? | This rabbit thing has a speech problem | That's right, and don't you forget it

This rabbit thing has a speech problem of Chrono Cross like proportions


God, the saccharine is almost too much for me...


I thought the word fink was pretty much reserved for Jack Chick comics

Fire back?

At least she's not hangly

Ice is back with a brand new edition

Not longer?

That rabbit needs a speech therapist.

I only accept $1000 bills

Tch. Like, whatever.

Who the hell did the romanization for this game? Can we kick him?

Chicks that don't swallow.


Stop stuttering!

The rabicat has a seizure


However you interpret this, it is one of the funniest things ever.

Horny little Rabicat, isn't it? | If you're the ultimate force in the universe... YOU MIGHT BE A REDNECK!

For a poet, you really fucked up that sentence... | Oh no! | At least she didn't say "tleasule"... | Creepy... | Even MORE creepy... | That usually helps... | Huh? | It wouldn't be a true SNK game unless they forgot a letter in a phrase in the menu... | Actually, you look the least like a woman out of the entire cast... | Uh, yeah...

In Twinkle Star Land, does "handsome" mean "silly"? | She wanted to be a great singer, so the Twinkle Star made her a bad singer. OOH WHAT A FIENDISHLY DOUBLE EDGED WISH! | Oh yes! Domestic chores are very, uh, fin | Nothing like an overprotective Ultimate Power Of The Universe. GOD I JUST WANTED TO GO OUT WITH MY FRIENDS YOU'RE SUCH A NAZI TWINKLE STAR! | One girlfriend between the three of them. The logistics are baffling | Big pimpin' immortal cat | HA HA! Just like in "The Wishmaster"! | Greatest power in the universe, and it can't even make out the furry things language? Talk about disconcerting.

The game gently nudges you into improving yourself by subtlely telling you to "GET A HIGHER SCORE, GODDAMMIT!". Also, Load Ran in that swimsuit creeps the HELL out of me

This non-sequiter train-of-thought stuff really freaks the hell out of me | Welcome to Quake 1 deathmatch

The big slip up in this sentence really isn't helping my faith in this trio of 'tards | Dammit woman, you KNOW it'll go straight to your hips! | The game's unwholesomeness oozes through the cracks. WINNERS DON'T DO DRUGS!

A.K.A. The Flamboyantly Silly Trio! | Is "bombs" supposed to be some sort of dirty word? | It's my pleasure. Just wonder why you didn't look like THAT in your creepy outfits... | Look who's talking... | Hooray! | Of course, she STILL looks the same on the high score screen... | I won't be giving out the spoiler...