Remember Lago saying all Japanese PC games are hentai? This only helps prove it.

More quotes from Bocobo, still trying to work out what **** means

And from Coolgamer, chief of the grammar police

Floating cash? The future is NOW! | No, it's actually a COINCIDENCE | Not sure if it's a pun or mispelled, but it's going here anyways! | Do these little men tell you to DO things? | First r's and l's get mixed up, then a's and u's, now Engrish has double o's | Apparently, "such pleasures" include the letter "B" | I'd ask for a refund | "These should fit me perfectly!" | We out of grammar books as well

CREEK! | Of course, if you had blonde hair and blue eyes, you'd be even more beautiful | Collage is fun | I'd do anything for me... | You see, I'm trying to get some information for my unofficial True Love website, and...hey! Where are you going? | KEEK! | Yeah, just as long as you stay out of my state | You lucky bastard. | But I don't want to in! | I think this must be the same guy that does Blanka's translations in the Street Fighter games | Hehehe, indeed.

WARNING: The following quotes contain questionable material and are NOT for those under 18 years old!

Hey, if you're in this section, you have no right to judge | Wow... That's not even subtle... | Take three guesses as to what I'd choose | Oh, Ilpara! | 1: Tell the truth; 2: Tell a lie; 3: Squeeze | Of all the sentences to have bad grammar | Just call me Humbert | Uh, I'd make a quip, but this quote's weird enough | I gotta play paper, scissors, rock more often! | At least they can admit they can't come up with a good sound effect... | Do you have to ASK?

So, if you're in 4th grade, then how old are you? Oh, you're 18. That's a relief. | WE MUST DESTROY X10! | Do I have to explain this one? | This is why I hate maths.

If Jast USA is still around, I hope they've hired a better proofreader | It's very helpful of them to explain what "buble buble" means | I'd be more conscious about your spelling than the quality of the camera | "I really have a good feel about this one!" | This idiot just proved that the first time wasn't just a slip-up | People usually just say it, they don't spell it out | Who is position? | It's written twice; it's obviously very important | Maybe it'll stop skipping if you hit it | The kindergarten-level grammar mistakes really emphasize his frustration | BUHHHHHHHHH?