YESSSSSSS! Another alliteratively titled dungeon crawl! Lord Satan's great plan of luring people away from the straight and narrow using tedious, repetitive and non-rewarding "role-playing" games has been a smashing success!

From Manna, the unfortunate tomb raider who forgot to pack his silicon chest armor.

You don't have to be so frigid around me, baby. I can take you someplace special. I still can't take you? Aw, come on baby, please. | Just the kind of rough and tough guy you need on a mission into the darkest tombs of Mexico. Wait, he's gentle at heart? Well, shit, at least his rates are lower | A basketball court? No one would suspect a secret passage there. Also, someone's missing a few words | Yep. Definitely bones. | Damn sassy female sidekicks. Think you could lend a hand rather than just belittling me? | Better give up the quest now because you're fucking doomed | Since I plan on having my brain implanted into a Robocop, I will! | Used what on the sword? | I'm... sorry... | So you mean if I wear the mask, I'll find out if Tommy likes Christa??? OMG! | DUHH HEY I'M IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN. THIS SUCKS LET'S GO. | ...It's a wall?