Subtlety obviously wasn't the creators of this games' strongest point. Anyways, it involves Time Travel and a lot of sex, a volatile combination. To quote K. Thor Jensen's immortal comic "The Time Team", "DURRR, SO WHAT, I GET TO PORK MY MOM!"

From Badman, destroying temporal continuity one ejaculation at a time

And it would be if the director of this game actually had even a scrap of talent and wasn't reduced to directing cut-rate porn adventure games! | Perhaps she just wasn't a morning person | It's called "temporal contamination" and your fucking around with time machines just turned me into a caveman or possibly a bowl of primordial slime. Are you happy? | Well, with the lack of any real programming that obviously went into this game, I guess his songs wouldn't be very good | I think you should march into, uh, whoever made this game's offices and DEMAND YOUR CUT! | I realize that toilets are a pain in the ass, but dammit, wanting to just shit and piss wherever you want and licking your privates clean just isn't considerate to the rest of the world! | OH NO HELLISH TORTURE A FATE WORSE THAN DEATH WHAT IS THIS THAT STANDS BEFORE ME OH NOOOOO etc etc. | And I can guess where this good feeling is, ya sick fuck | You forgot THOROUGHLY REPREHENSIBLE | The future truly is a wonderful place, and I can't wait to go there | Well done AND congratulations? I feel truly special. Especially, uh, since this was a crappy hentai game that requires about the same amount of skill as tying one's shoelaces | I'm sure, being the stereotypical hentai game Japanese college student, I still have more than enough semen in my ludicrously gigantic penis to soak a small country. I don't think I need rest | God, that's just the worst play on words I've heard EVER