I think this game's about a monk who beats up people to save some children. God knows that's all I could make out of it by reading the awful dialog.

Good thing they had a martial arts guidance... | ...and an art expert too! | The fat guy thinks he's the narrator | Strange, I don't remember hearing those sound "efects" | What kind of growl is that? | "You must knock-out every monk in the room" | The ultimate putdown | Good plan, man | Evil priests have some sixth sense about this kind of thing | Too bad they didn't hire anyone fluent in English

Oh those wacky Stage names: Stage 1 | Stage 2 | Stage 3 | Stage 4 | Stage 5

The monk has a rapier wit, as seen in these brilliant comebacks: "Can you do it?" | "Shut-up!" | "This is not the time or the place" | "Says who, you ugly creature?