There is nothing witty or funny I could say here about this game. It just rocks too much.

From XCalibur, Person, Matilda, Scully Raincrystal, Mina, Another Gamer, Joseph Warren, The Jade Emperor, codeman39, H Hog, the entire state of Idaho, and the nation of Uzbekistan for the quotes! WE LOVE YOU ALL!

"Yo, Ark. Elle wake ya up? Woohoo, the hot couple!" | "You enormous fool!" | Um, Land is an inanimate object.

Sexual innuendo rocks, especially when it's unintended

Well gee, you could have awaited longer! | So do I... | Uh, a little redundant isn't he? | "Sorry dudes, but this is a history report, not a future report!" | FORK YOU! | The verbose Yeti | That's certainly dangerous. | A maid's story | Aww, what cute little crops | That hurts. | " ask me on a data?" | Ewwwww! | Groovy! | One of those cute nintendo-censored prostitute proposition scenes | Uh, yeah. A back alley. | Uh, what? | Um, yeah. | WTF? | Heh heh, Quintet covering their asses | That sounds like Dr. Seuss | Uh, sure | Heh heh, Ark likes the old ones | Nosebleeds suck. | Nice run-on sentences, guys. | Uh, no. | Another run-on! | Ha ha ha! | This game is extremely observant | I want that much orders! | Kin Korn Karn say A Winner is You! | More social commentary | And Cecil ecame a paladin.

"Big haul makes me happy. Big haul makes my day!" | A meaningful conversation | Dam! | OKAY! | Swingin', baby! | Nice laugh | Really?

Good english | SO LONELY... | Yeah, dammit. Such incompetance | Ah, such slavery | Yeah, that's pretty talented | The poor, deprived Japanese

Anoyone? | This woman, for someone living in the equivalent of England in the Terranigma world, speaks shitty english | Errr... Why? | Umm... | And again...

This guy's disjointed english makes him creepier... | GOD, QUIT CALLING ME GUY! | I love those puns...

If a plant barked at me, I would be scared. | This man has no life | DURRR... MAYBE IT IS A REFLECTION!

Well, I'm glad we have talented fish craftsmen | ALL IS DEWM | His stomach can't adapt to the radically different atmosphere of wherever he is

Double negative? So people DO still care? | Better ask it nicely | I don't know.. I prefer sleeping on orange, and nothing beats the taste of a fresh red | Good, I'd hate to turn into a stupid bird | "...and i hear you lose feeling in your hand if you chop it off. Do that and tell me if it's true, okay?"

The kind of imbalanced punctuation that makes programmers and compulsive proofreaders absolutely 'cringe. | Still more "awaiting", this time on the part of the sword. | Apparently the, proofreaders didn't read the, script very closely to check if they, had any superfluous commas.

Well, I certainly wasn't expecting that... | Good thing my final happy time won't be during a war... | So when it's world peace, it's just a piece of shit?

Really, why would they lock jail doors? | Damn it, this isn't FFVII! | Maybe the sky should wash it's face occasionally... | So what, now you're gonna be Batman? | Sorry, Evil Robot Bill and Ted, meet GOOD Robot Bill and Ted! | Yummy!

Just couldn't have settled for "east" | Considering he's never been there | Oi! The number of such typos in this game is atrocious | Another awesome laugh | Next you can learn to speak good | AAAARGH | Let's go down to the coffee shop and whine about having writer's block