A soccer RPG. No, not a soccer game with those much heralded "RPG elements", it's a god-damned Soccer RPG. I have no idea how they did it, but they did it. Cast Thundaga on the goalkeeper!

From UkuHawa, a level 10 half elven chaotic neutral midfielder

He may be able to kick a ball around, but he's no mensa member | Yes, his power play focuses all his pessimistic powers into the ball and sort of kicks it halfassedly | I guess it's a secret to everyone | Punks don't rap, Tecmo | Also don't repeat yourself and don't be redundant! | Wow... What an ending! | It's like a ball that gets down AND gets funky | Well, if it's a great move, it had better be great | Thanks for the protip, Gamepro | Way to be subtle, Tecmo | Oh easy for you to say, wuss | Wuss | Uh oh, looks like Coach is trying to molest Kevin | More hearts then you can shake some teenage sexual tension at! | I thought that you couldn't use your hands in soccer? | Robin, the heroic soccer playing INGRATE! | Cliches galore! Billy, I'm going to call the cops and give them a protip about where convicted child molester Coach Billy lives. | Great color commentary | Presumptuous little twit | I can only imagine listening to this game on the radio | Also, sharp objects are probably illegal too | THE HEARTS ARE NOT CUTE ANYMORE | Color commentary brought to you by Kin Korn Karn | Wolfish jump?