A Hentai game that mixes in a mystical tree god, family suicide, and having virginity being taken by a videogame machine... All in all, a winner!

From Emptyeye, here to punch your clock

More from Gorbash9k, losing his virginity to Time Crisis although I have no fucking clue how that could ever happen

It's cause you guys have all the schoolgirl outfits! | He sure ain't a Bruce Campbell... | Yeah, I hate it when a hot girl's ass gets in the way of the game screen... | If there's any scene this game'll be remembered for, it'll be this...

I'm guessing that the action you performed before this scene was PUT ON TINFOIL HAT | Let me guess, she cheated and got commended for it? Then she kicked every alien everywhere's ass and had sex with all their women?

Why the hell do I get stuck with the psycho ones? | Is that the version with less religious poseuring and more robots and schoolgirl panties?