Like RoboCop, except a mixture of robots and suck. ROBOSUCK!

From Ed the Moogle, the mad hax0r

More from Anime_Andy, fully functional (If you know what I mean)

And Bocobo, author of the best-selling "Nice Lady Book"

Flaming Duck is just kept writing.

Funky-ass robot shiot: "When he looks in the last page of the book, 2000 GP are there." | It's okay, all the adults in Earthbound always get their ass kicked | "your Robotscan be made, maintenaned, and powered up." | This sounds like the Clinton scandal to me! | Bitch, ppd0g will lay the smack down on yo' ass! | In what kind of RPG do you use a friggin' doorbell!? | Damn those evil hackers! Damn their blackened hearts! | Yeah, I have a hard time understanding books too | Whoa! This "nice lady" is really an LSD dealer! Cool! | "Sakura has found the 'Nice Lady' book!" | You sure as hell do have a problem if you talk like that! | "Reading and the like speaking with people will give you ideas." | "To make Robot, 2000 GP."

Well, he puts up a convincing argument...

And more from Mike Wood! Oh, when will Robotrek's madcap hilarity ever end?

The Crispy Shop | A wise warning | "Hey, wait you turn!" | Ooh! Very scary! Blah! Scary Monsters and Super Creeps! Blah!

I try to make sense of it, but I keep drawing a blank | OH MY GOD! I'M SO EXCITED THAT I MISPLACED MY EXCLAMATION POINT! | Real funny. Now get in the damn pot and shut up.

I thought they were anchored into their parents basements... | For shame, Enix! Have you no dignity? | Note to self: Kill the little boy outside the mayor's office

Am I supposed to be scared?

Eh? Why is one of them behind the other? | I have nothing to say