And it looks like Crime City 20XX isn't too safe a place to be either. Better punch some Cyberweb Computer Monitor Terminals to recieve some Amino Acid Pills and restore your health from the onslaught of Hyper Molecular Support Tube wielding palette swapped thugs.

From Badman, CYBER Mayor of Metro City DOT COM!

Well, that was pretty easy | How did the US Army know what city to send the "ROBO ARMY" too, though? | He may be an evil mastermind, but an English scholar he ain't | Wow! It's! So! Exciting! | I guess it's filled with beatniks reciting avant-garde freeform poetry about the restrictive chains our animal nature places on us | I! Think! They're! Way! Too! Excitable! | They don't have very much faith in their finely tuned last boss | Maybe your evil robot army sucks and no one even bothered trying to overthrow you because they felt like humoring you, you Dr. Wily wannabe reject? | POWER METAL! The new HARD ROCKING COLLECTION from K-Tel! Only twenty installments of $9.99! | OH!BUTCH makes his triumphant return! | Dude, affixing "cyber" to everything is sooo '95. | I can almost see the veins on his cyber-e-forehead popping | Yes! Throw more palette swapped dopes at them! It's a foolproof plan!