This game will kick your ass until you vaporize and turn into a bouncing coin.

Beatdowns: "BARF!" | "Is this fun yet?" | "Wham!" | "How 'bout this?"

Box Antics: Oooo,That smarts! | "Crunch!" | "Zowie!"

Boss Fun: But what defines a punk? | "I'm exhausted and all punched out." | Why the hell does he ask if you've given up when he's lying flat on the pavement? | "Hey dude, It's party time!" | Isn't it cute how they threaten you? | What's up with Turk and the word 'dude'?!? | What an ego. Referring to himself in the first person. | Especially when wussies like Clyde want a rematch. | Thanks for telling us in advance Ivan. | "You are worthy enemy. You may get lucky" | Beginners Ebonics 101 - "Yo" | "Howdy! I can't believe y'all got this far! | "You win, but the Twins will fix your wagon," | "If you plan to learn, you must learn to plan." - One of my school agenda books. | "Yeah, you certainly kicked our tails."

Other: Hahahahahahahaha!

The Ending: This was the first game in the series [Actually, renegade was its quasi-prequel], how the hell are we supposed to recognize him? | Collage of RCR's ending. Errm...