While a rather good game, I think it's a tad bit over-rated. Alright, so it was REALLY over-rated, it wasn't that "groundbreaking" and shit, in my opinion. Also, it seemed to be more like a comedy than a horror game to me, because the voice-acting was downright hilarious.

Quotes from a LilithSN and Paul Soth sandwich!

More from Wallace Sanders, tough guy extraordinaire.

A small sample of the wonderfully crafted combination of dialogue and voice acting

HA HA HA! Someone give this man a slap. | Uh, is she talking about a bomb, or is that just a colorful name for something else... | "Don't come this way! ARRRRGH!" | Is this guy a cannibal or something? | Thanks for the tip | Definitely a classic | Another classic | Uhhh, heh heh heh... | "It's not just a poisonous snake, it's a MONSTER!" | Barry's really underacting | Ha ha! That wacky STARS team! | Ummm... | What's with that little moan at the end? | Sounds like something I'd say about someone going out with my ex-girlfriend | The rhythm of this sentence is just out of place | "Thank you Barry." "Yeah, Yeah" | More redundancy in Resident Evil land.

I wish I had this printed on a certificate or something