This game is really, really cool. That's about all I can say about it.

Quotes from Spikey and KawaiiNeko333. They throb with serious power.

Duck King gets shot down!

Duck King quotes

RADICAL! | The grey is the path | I AM THE JUSTICE! NOT YOU! | No, that's just heartburn | If you can call these retarted quips comedy, then yes | You wouldn't be interesed, as there's no polyester or spandex | But is he a bad enough dude to rescue the president? | I believe that's from the crack you take | Yeah, i'll never compare with your amazing fashion sense... | WINNERS DON'T SO DRUGS! | Well, OK then... GET YOUR DANCE GROOVE ON! | THat's impossible, as I have no power to be drunk off of!

Laurence Blood quotes. And since he seems to fight using the Secret of Monkey Island taunt system, I guess I'll counter his insults!

Sounds like something that would be a threat to the Care Bears more than a matador. | That sight... That sad, pathetic sight... It looks like... Victory. | This is the END for you, you gutter-crawling cur! | Well, grammar sure doesn't... | I guess you're right... Sorry, sword-weilding psychopath! | Well, I guess it helps eliminate the competition... | First, you'd better stop waving it around like a feather duster. | How appropriate, you fight like a dairy farmer! | ...No comment... | That's cause you're looking at a mirror...

Terry Bogard quotes:

Now Terry's just not even trying to make up shitty taunt names... | Whatever, dweebenheimer | Terry Bogard loves Tae Bo! | I believe that's the Engrish version of Eddy Gordo's "caporea" | Intelligence on the other hand... | Whoa... He's fighting the suntan expert from EarthBound! | Yeah, you're just a completely retarded human | Palooka? | Terry's a great motivational speaker | ...What the hell is Terry trying to say here? | TERRY SMASH FATTY!

Andy Bogard quotes:

Looks like someone's sick of reality TV | Don't worry, you'll get used to it | Or, at least, all the moves he could find in the strategy guide | NO! MORE WHISKEY! | Don't ask. | I am disrespectful to dirt! Can you see I am serious! | Must not talk complete sentences. | That's a...strange accent you've got there, Andy | You got to SMAS HIT UP! | But my spirit's cooler than yours! | :( | The heartwarming final scene from a recent episode of "Touched By An Angel", starring Andy Bogard as an alcoholic deadbeat dad | Are ya kiddin' me? | Pushing him off the top floor of a skyscraper just wasn't enough.

Joe Higashi quotes:

I'm going to call you Legend of Success Joe from now on. | Can I do both? | This isn't Scooby-Doo, you know | You don't see too many sensitive new-age guys in fighting games, do you? With the possible exception of Benimaru... | Yep, steroids will usually do that | Don't worry, the timer's just fine. I think it's a bit slow, but I don't mind...wait, what am I talking about? | That would explain the enormous fireballs and the gravity-defying kicks. Also, the rabbit in the hat. | How did you know about my secret plan? | READ ME A STORY FIRST | You're not that nice yourself, come to think of it | But I need the silly mustache to be a devil with the ladies! | Hey, it's Crazy Carl from Crazy Carl's Discount Sprite Emporium! | Who do you think you are, Steve Irwin?

Mai Shiranui quotes:

Mai shamelessly promotes her boyfriend | Respect your elders, young miss | Not everyone can afford cosmetic surgery | Wow, Mai really knows how to stab at someone's heart | "I am one fabulous babe!" | "Oooh, too much! I love victory!" | This is really too much | Yup, your boyfriend just tried to beat the crap out of you. You better get used to it if you're getting married | I think that "grope" was more like a punch to the abdomen | Uhh, right | When my name appearing at the top of the high score list is at stake? Not likely | Lay off the caffeine | Truly a deadly combination

Sokaku Mochizuki quotes:

You look more like a guy cosplaying as Raiden from Mortal Kombat | ...Um, that quote's a bit disturbing... | What about a nuclear bomb? Or some weapon that has been named "God Slayer"? | I could ask you the same question | Oh great... He's some vampire goth freak... I'M DARK AND TORMENTED! I NEED TO LISTEN TO MARYLIN MANSON AND PLAY VAMPIRE ROLE-PLAYING GAMES! | Uh, but you won the fight... | Huh? Mai's family are evil liars? | Are Mai's breasts too big or too small? | Uh, I think he got K.O.'ed because you beat the shit outta him | You can say that about anyone that's seen | What the hell are you talking about? | Just call me Mr. Evil!

Tung Fu Rue quotes:

Suprise! | Hey, he's just "special" | Yes, I'm hip to the lingo. TWENTY-EIGHT SKIDDO! | WHY does everyone need at least ONE quote that makes absolutely no sense? | You look quite used. | Look who's talking, Tung Fu Banner | I guess he's a follower of "The Justice" | Yes, I do | More proof of Tung Fu Rue's belief in the power of the Justice | You jerk! It cost 20 bucks to buy my demonic hell beast! | LOVE AND PEACE! | KID POWER! | So what? I'm hitting on that hot piece of $20 of there... | You should have silienced yourself to prevent yourself from looking like such a moron

Ryuji Yamazaki quotes:

No! Don't hurt the stray puppies! They're so cute! | Sure. I was getting kind of sick of it all anyway | Thanks...I didn't think you'd notice | His toes? OMG THANK U | Why don't you just press Start? | But I thought you loved me! | Sorry, I already know how to rollerblade | Yes. | Did I put on too much makeup? | Looks like we have a new entrant in the ZVGQ Zany Laugh Competition... | As a matter of fact, it's right behind me. How convenient. | Better than being out of human, I guess | Yeah, but do you think you could do it somewhere else? It's kind of gross. | Well, at least I'm not thin and smart like you! Ha! | This isn't Resident Evil, you know | You know my terrible secret!

Billy Kane quotes:

By strange coincidence, this is the only insult in existence that is actually worse than "go suck an egg" | I sure am, me | Stupid Billy, he'd cook much more evenly if you sliced him into sections | Hardly the most potent taunt of all time | First gramps, now toots... what's next, "mayor of Squaresville"? | Sir, you have soundly trounced me in the arena of verbal combat

Bob Wilson quotes:

The best stereotypes are the ones that are known only to Japanese video game designers! | I don't think it's possible to comment on anything this stupid | OH SHIT!!! | Keep on talking like that and you'll see just how much your arms and torso will help you in your next fight, punk | That's alright, nobody's perfect

Wolfgang Krauser quotes:

If I'm not me... who da hell am I? | Oh Wolfgang, you're just jealous that Larry can control his hormonal urges better than you can | This doesn't seem like a very fair trade at all...

Blue Mary quotes: You leave bell bottoms out of this, bitch! | I'm cool, pal! | Thanks :-) | My marrow is not to be fucked with | It's okay to grind an infant's skull into powder, but you must be wearing anti-perspirant at all times | ;-*

Cheng Sinzan quotes: Poetic imagery and "bonehead" | Heheh, he's fat | Get the heck out of here, you nerd! | How redundant: monkeys are power

Franco Bash quotes: Sorry, I won't eat something if I don't know what it is | Made in Japan, bitch | So nice guys do finish last | I'm pregnant | Well, uh, I guess I'm okay... | But it's impossible... My shit-throwing attack never fails!

Geese Howard quotes: Surely he is an evil incubu's | Get your hands off me, you damn dirty ape! | I had no choice, my sneer proxy was offline

Hon Fu quotes: Fuckyou | Can love bloom on a battlefield? | Str8 off tha Streetz of Muthaphukkin Compton | Ouch

Jin Chon-Rei and Jin Chon-Shu quotes: Only boy-band Hanson stands a chance against it | You call that an erection, limpy? | Everybody freeze! | And hyphens are for the weak

Kim Kap Whan quotes: Oh Kim, it will take more than that to make me go to the senior prom with you ;-* | Is this anything like lacking heart? | It makes it more fun when they struggle | Maybe you just don't add enough salt? | Uh... congratulations! | Let's brew us some moonshine and have us some backyard wrasslin' | These guy are sick