We all know that Qix is just Gals Panic without the porn...so where's our Gals Panic Adventure, hmm?

From Pentarou Zero, still waiting for Qix Qix Megamix

Oh, great, it's another one of those HAPPY ENDs that isn't quite as HAPPY as it could be | I don't understand, but I'll pretend to if it makes you happy | Yeah, he remembers his own name. Very impressive. | And you're really a good...dog...thing. | If you think of a good insult, just use it over and over again, you OLD MAN! | Don't you bother me, I feel a little craaazy | Take a chill pill, man | Hooray, hooray! | Give me Qix or give me death! | Laser technology! Awesome! | Come to think of it, I don't know any famous cameramen... | The monsters of Western Asia, on the other hand, find it rather amusing | Is there anything inside, trying to come out? | That's the last thing we need...a Castlevania/Qix crossover | Well, hooray for that | Really? I always thought it was either God or the sun | Mysterious and dirty...that's what I'm looking for in a lamp | The same could be said about every single weapon ever made... | Looks like the clay horse didn't do what it was supposed to | And it could be yours, for only $7900! Call now! | The most useful item in the game | This kid's starting to sound like a real bastard | Nice name. | That's the biggest meatball I've ever seen | I can see how that information could be useful in a game of Qix | Hey, kid, leave the poor little thing alone! | Let us travel in the time-canoe! | Steal his fish! That'll teach him. | Gyarados? What are you doing here? | You can't, like, "own" a beach, man | Why do penguins always have to be so damn crazy? | Look, everyone! It's Philosophoctopus! | What the hell are you supposed to be? | And I don't understand either of you. | Don't tease the potato, kids! | Just keep him talking until his head explodes, then you can pass | No. | Qix Adventure: one big acid trip after another. | I'd take your forest, except I've got nowhere to put it | Verbal smackdown! Unh! | If the freaky demon bear would just forget about the Qix and challenge the kid to a fight to the death, I think he'd have a much better chance of winning

So he worked for Rolling Stone? How does that make him a valuable magician? | Someday, lad, all this will be yours...no, not the curtains... | Thank heavens it doesn't have any clouds. I would have been really disappointed otherwise. | Yeah! Awesome! Up yours, scholars! | Yep. Nothing else like it. Absolutely nothing./A> | If I had a choice, I'd rather use a boat, but I'm going to have to trust Colombus... | String. Is there anything it can't do? | It looks like a drop of water on a leaf, but if it was made by a very old man... | Yes, even animals that are fatally allergic to nuts can't get enough Nut-tritious! | Like, that is so 2 AD | Well, hooray for that. | It could come in handy if you're looking for love, but you're rather impatient | WALLPAPER! | MORE WALLPAPER! | Stop changing the subject. Also, stop singing. You're a bad singer. | What the hell are you supposed to be? | I don't think we'll ever know what he means by that | A boxing shark. Now I've seen everything.