The Ninja craze of the late eighties brought about a lot of really stupid ninja-related shit. This is one of those things.

From the real American Ninja, Hustletron

More from Manna, The Justice on The Jupiter fighting The Satan

"An Aimed Town" | Aww shit. I'm fucking scared. | The intro. Don't you remember back in '99 when the satanists summoned a great king of terror? | Of flames?? NO! | And you will be friends of the fist | BARF!

Who needs an apocalyptic battle between God and Satan to rid the world of evil? We have NINJAS!

A bad ninja filled with EVIL? | Sounds, uh, delicious. They may be efficient killers and president kidnappers, but they're no cuilinary experts | The Taito Ninja System (tm) makes understanding ninjitsu SO EASY!