Not as blisteringly hard as the last two games, but still the same old chop-socky ninja gig.

From R. Jak, evil ninja crime boss.

Also from Sarah Dawn, the only ninja skilled enough to defeat him.

Ryu adds "drama" with an ungodly amount of question marks | Last boss with the attention span of a ballpoint pen

Blood leaves your skin smooth and literally erases years off your body! | OH FUCK! OH FUCK! That old Domino's Pizza mascot is back... FOR REVENGE! | OH NO! You can't make the evil pizza robbing cyborg stronger with ninja powers! | No, I think that the giant twisted form is enough for me, thanks | It's a lot better than regular life power | Hey, some evil schemers live an awfully long time - Look at Dr. Wily!

"[This] certainly explains a lot about the third game." - Sarah