Generic run-and-shoot-things ninja game. Go SNK!

Was he really "Badman"? He went too far when he submitted so many. Don't worry. I'll teach him to behave himself!

The incomparable introduction. ...guhhh, it makes my head hurt | "Done the curse"? What the hell are you talking about? | Way to defend the history! | What a dramatic last words | Oh okay. Sorry. | It makes sense till you see this second half of the conversation and get totally confused | Get going light now | MAD! | He's ALL man, baby | The Ninja Commandos dispense justice and teach murderous tyrants to behave | "How can you tell?" "Oh, the laser blasters and battle armor gave them away" | What kind of stupid plan is that? Seriously, what does anyone have to gain by making time go backwards? | Another insightful conversation about Ninja Tricks | Kinda redundant | Good old Eiji made sure the staff's clothing was always fluffy | There's nothing as intimidating as a sumo wrestler. NOTHING | You're welcome! | Well, that was certainly optimistic | Way to sound intimidating, Captain Grammar

Hey, it's that scientist from World Heroes, here to give priceless advice! Watch enemy attacks carefully! | Um.. what? | Forget "magic" or "powers", these Ninjas use Tricks | Good advice

The dramatic ending.