Apparently it's a superhero game, but it looks like some detective game... Oh well, I can't play 'em all.

Also, part 1? Looks like they were getting a little too ambitious

Contributed by Duke Pogo, whose cast iron moustache is starting to rust, and J. Warren, mysterious naked man in a trenchcoat

More from Emptyeye, no one understands him but his woman. Even then, she just nods her head and says "Uh, yeah" a lot.

And from Mr. P, who's not really magically delicious-- it's all done with mirrors and false bottoms

Time to panic! | I take it Nightshade's from China. | Man, Nightshade is no Spider-Man when it comes to the wits department. | Is he supposed to be scary? He seems more like a dumbass who wears a metal moustache. | He seems way too 30's to have even HEARD of Star Trek.

How King Vitaman has let his kingdom slide into ruin... | It has lots of protein, if you don't puke it back up | Undoubtably a product of Italy. You knew they weren't just content with Arctic circle candy. | Preferred breakfast of nine out of ten young virginal Japanese schoolgirls! | Glue? HAHA SO FUNNY! | Maybe 300 degrees of burning death will change your attitude, little miss huffy! | Gee whiz, it is. Whizbang and such | And he's supposed to be a superhero?

SFX courtesy of the GHW (Guild of Hentai Writers) | You know, that sounds really pretentious of you. You could just call it a weight like normal people, but nooo, you have to call it by its crazy moon language name. Dick.

Wow, this quote sure is... ah, fuck it