The wild excitement of soccer without the danger of being hit over the head with blunt objects by drunken brits! In your pocket! HOORAY!

From Ponpoko, jump bounding around with his soccer balls out

I don't know what an armagillo is, but if it increased my TAK, I can dig it | Say it nicer and in English and maybe I will 'begin play' | They may be the best in world, but their heading sure sucks. Uh. | Yeah, no shit, I've read the history books. What the fuck does that have to do with soccer though? | Maybe someone should put out those fires? I mean, it's all well and good that a few football goons get burnt to death, but what about the local businesses and homes? | I don't trust anyone that puts a W on the end of 'Hello' | Yes, I think that's what we've been trying to do, chief | What, did the football goons kill the announcers and they had to replace them with Japanese night students? | ME TARZAN. YOU JANE. | BEST PANTS EVER | They increase technique, and also let you go into restaurants! | Coach here looks like he's been nailed in the head with a few too many balls | SEX AND VIORENCE! RAPE LOVELY WOMAN! INER SPERM FUCK! KICK OUT THE JARS AND FUCK OUT! | I guess because they have to dodge bullets and bombs and shit all the time