Links to your death

Oh, so my page isn't good enough for you, huh? So you're just going to leave me? Toss me aside like a piece of meat? Use me like I was some kind of object. *sob* You're all the same, you know that? You'll rue this day! Oh yes, you'll rue this day.

...Link us? Err, nevermind. Here is some good banner you can use.

These ones are mine. LUCKY!

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But, since you're probably rushing out of here as fast as humanly possible at the risk of carving your own eyes out with a spoon, here's a few links I like. Some of these may contain adult content, so view at your own peril. Hey, if you can stand my potty mouth, you won't have much trouble with these.
Oh, and guess what? I'm not going to put any inane comments on the links! So every link you follow is like a mystery adventure!

Acts of Gord
Amber Forever
Andore JR. (Lago and Sak write for this site)
Bob the Angry Flower
Games Are Fun
Get Your War On
Old Man Murray (COME BACK)
Pokey the Penguin
Portal of Evil
Solid Sharkey
Something Awful
Third Half
The Video Game Museum
They Must Be Destroyed
You're the Man Now Dog