An RPG about ninjas... I also ended up with quite a bit of political humor quips...

From Crazy Hermit, a real live ninja! And Badman, who knows all things.

A "ghost of the mountain" scaring away people? It's most likely the creepy old man dressed up as a ghost to scare away everyone from the gold or oil he found on the mountain... | I guess Iga is the Japanese equivilent of Arkansas. (If you are from Arkansas, replace that with Alabama) | You are so untalented... Kompressor can both entertain AND crush! | HAHAHA! You crazy funster! | A little advice to keep away salespeople... Tell them you're a mystic Japanese demon | No, loafers weren't around back then.. | ...I thought Masamune was a sword... | HMO's at work | Uh, you just told me... | More HMO practices... | You hit the jackpot! | An oil tycoon gaining political power? That's impossible! Next thing you'll tell me that a group whom perpetuates that people should be able to own guns can become politically powerful as well! | AMAZING! | Actually, it's just the shrinking job market | Looks like you have a future in airport security!

You know, most high-class casinos don't let you bet on bingo...are you sure this isn't a high class retirement home? | How about you crush my money, and take me instead? | They don't look like horses to me...hey, that one's got a beak and feathers! | I know some things. Can you tell me the other ones? | Trust me, you don't want to know.