This game's alright, but it's only an ILLUSION that you would think it's better than Terranigma! HA! *blam*

Suddenly, Cool-J, Matilda, N64Stalker, Draygon, Davrd and Pink Moon fell over unconscious.

Don't worry. Damius and pslocum aren't on fire.

Even Neutron drinks water

Mmmm. Only Bocobo..

Yet another from Red Draco who, after being taken away by the nice men in white suits, can't throw HERself into walls anymore (sorry, sorry).

More from Sky Render, who can turn into a huge buff sword wielding berserker, but chooses to fight with his flute.

Remember that old game "Guess Who"? Well, this is a slightly stranger version of that game | But what about all the innocent koalas, you sick bastard!? | "This is the underground prison. Innocent people can't enter." | If you don't laugh at this, I shall smack you | mmmmmm... yak leg

A good snakebite remedy

Don't walk, run | Mu Mu Mu. Another silly laugh

Third person

Will you? I don't know.


Forgot a few words guys? | In the dark world in a dark house's dark room with dark music playing on your dark radio while you write dark satire | Gee, I didn't know that | Uh, yeah, it sure sounds like you don't | The paragon of excellent writing | What ever happened to "innocent until proven guilty"?

So if you had a stove, you wouldn't need the pot? | Mmm.. only you. | What is it with all these perverted fishermen? | Um, okay

Wow, Will's treated lower than moss...

Yeah well, i'm in a prison of stone, steel, and rat feces, so FUCK YOU!

I bet God or whoever that big face is just told Will that so that he can laugh at Will when he's admitted to the hospital for a multiple fractures and a concussion

Who exactly is talking here? | Is Lilly here offering some color commentary to Neil's speech or something? | Er, wasn't that what I wasn't supposed to do? | Pronouns are too difficult for the people of Gaia | It also appears to be making Will completely insane. Sooner or later, he's going to be seeing the girl as a roast turkey on legs | Chicks dig the ongoing third person narrative | Are you sure this is the right kind of girl to go out with, Will? | Was that a question or an imperative? I really don't like this girl | Ditto | I hear a lot of people who laugh like that. I'm walking down the street and some guy is telling an amusing anecdote, and his girlfriend is all "(Laughs)" | Does "THE OPPONENT" have a name? | ...All over my shirt. Dammit, pig semen is a real bitch to get off of clothing | The power to roll around in the mud and eat out of a trough? The power to be turned into delicious bacon? | I can't answer unless YOU give me some question marks | Why not just ask me? | This is what one calls "unhealthy competition" Ha! Ha! Ha! | What does my growing up have to do with mushrooms? | You people make less and less sense