Before we had these pussy painless fireballs, we had big swords and battleaxes slicing through bone and flesh! Also, we had much shittier one on one fighters.

From Badman, who likes gladiator movies

Well, this is awfully morbid | There's just so much wrong with these guys. They look kind of like Blaster from Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, so I guess that explains it. HE HAS THE MIND OF A CHILD! | Another great ending | Uh yeah, that's a "Life of Peace" for sure. At least you get to do the wild thing with a woman who actually gets to bathe | I guess for this game, next year's opponents were "fiscal reality" | DA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA - DOTMAN! | You could really get around in the VG world if you had some Faxanadu money | What is he going to do? Stick gum in your hair? That's the shits to get out.