Apparently, Cool-J likes it.

Crazy Hermit has confirmed the origin of fire!

More from Tseng Li, unfortunate victim of the obligatory sheep fucker reference for this page

They're talking about cows or something | Speech impediments kick ass | First it was yak's leg, now it's grass. Mmmmm... grass | Deep man | "So you swing on both sides of the swing, Beavis?" "Uh, what're you talking about Butthead? I haven't been to the swingset since we were eight, in fact, I don't think we even have a swing set anymore." "Dumbass." | Yo, beeotch! Be goin' to tha' fo'chun' tellah' to get some fine ass hoes, be down wit' dat shiat?

I'm DEAD SEXY! | Isn't this a quest from one of those wierd caveman games? | That's the character exposition to show he's a drunk... | Is he making a puzzle? | Okay... | Isn't rheunmatism a disease? | Then he should go to a hentai game, cause the characters in those have INCREDIBLE stamina! | The little farmer boy learns about sexual harrasment | Pay no attention to the video camera | Huh? | Those weeds are so CUTE!

"They say it a gift from the work man" | Huhuhuhuhuhuh

Chickens are just so damn fascinating | Well, so much for suspension of disbelief! | It sounds like he's already enjoyed too much of the "good smells" of glue and gasoline | You greedy bastard, isn't it enough that your goals get accomplished? Do you have to demand that it be done with grit, too? FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! | Don't worry, I'm pretty sure the control pad is too small to hold me, anyway | "Using it toward a cow?" I'm sorry, but I just don't understand this technical farmer language