You know, everyone else calls it the Philosopher's Stone, but in America, it's called the Sorceror's Stone. I'm going to pretend I don't know why.

Don't walk under a flying Pornhound. Just don't, alright?

Things? What sort of things? Oh, those things. | This one time, I had, like, ten bottles of Pepsi, and then I totally blew chunks all over the 7-Eleven, and it was so awesome. | GREEN SUX RED 0WNZ J00 | Not many people know that Hufflepuffs were used by both sides during World War II | Yes. Now go away before I turn you into a newt. | Here's my plan. Find a Flobberworm, find a I really need to explain the rest? | I'm not saying a word. | Harry Potter and the Hallucinogenic Spider | NO. | I never knew victory felt like that... | Great. You named him. Now we're all screwed.