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Contributions from Stargazer, the spoony-ass bard.

The best screams of all time: "WAAAH!" "ARRRGH!" "GRRRR-BAAH!"

More quotes from the wonderous intro: "But Mysidians were so helpless." | W-what?

Miscellaneous: "Show up!" | It's a ? not a ! | Fighting with D.Mist 101 | I have no idea why this quote didn't become famous!

More FFII quotes! This game is damn zany: Yeah! Bust a few rhymes Yang! | "Life - Bring back to sense" | Yang remains true to his Asian heritage, and speaks in broken English | The king of Fabul hands Cecil the Black Sword, with a marvelous speech to go along with it | "Is that true!" | "I am alright. And I am a white wizard. I won't bother you." | "So you are that Cecil! Take good care of her!" | "Wow! You noble looking!" | Ah, who could forget this memorable poem, "One to be born from the dragon..."? | Last time I checked, Tellah wasn't Edward's father | "Hiding inside the shell!" | I once again validate my opinion that Kain is crazy | "This is Agart. The village of those who have ancestors who were dwarfs." | "Stars of Dream" | "All Those Chocobos" | Although I'm usually against battle cries, Yang's just kicks too much ass! | "Metals get so heavy and stuck in a cave on the island of northeast. Better watch out!" | Sagely advice from the clerics of Toroia | Damnation! It's a magnetic field!

Yeah! The training room! This gives you so many hints on how to play the game you'll want to puke! And all of them have horrible translations! Here ya go: Articulate advice on saving | Very helpful tip on how to use the world map! | Final Fantasy II: Fun for the whole damn family! | Yeeeahhhh, real sure I could run out of bows

The ultimate classic: "You spoony bard!" Random pics from Cool-J (insert random LL Cool-J song here):
His speech was actually pretty good until he muttered "puff". Come to think of it, those constant periods were pretty annoying, too | Rydia screams. 'Nuff said | An interesting conversation between Edge and Rydia

Jesus H. Christ, you'd figure we'd be done with this game: "Dwarf armors are hard! Can you move in it?" | This dude tries to sound all philosophical and shit, but in the end, he just sounds like a plain ol' idiot | "Lali-ho!" | The weird thing is, they actually sell the same things they do in the overworld | "He really put on the drills! He's great, Lali!"