Quite honestly, I haven't a clue about what this game is about.

Contributed by Seymont. I don't have a clue about him either.

What kind of a laugh is "Mu, Mu, Mu"?!? | The Mu Mu guy has a speech impediment as well! | The Mu Mu guy forgets the M | "That is just laughable!" | "What a resolute ass he is!" | "Wow, what a sweet man you are!" | Umm... I haven't heard that one before... | "When I was swim in the river... | What about the hermaphrodites? | I could put a fart joke here, but I won't | "This world is a fiasco!" | What kind of an offer is that? | Yipes!

FEEL THE POWER OF BARBEQUE! | Brilliant dialouge!