EVO, or, as all the religious fundie nutcases call it, "The World's Most Dangerous Game". That is, if they had ever heard of it. Yes, it's likely the only game more innately evil and satanic than Pokemon. Kids, carve that pentacle on your floor, throw some Deicide in the CD player, grab a controller and play some EVO!

From Myuutsu, evolving past the need for pants

More from Person after going into the devolution machine and falling to his primal instincts to whip it good!

Even more from Anime_Andy, created in seven days and obviously not quite finished yet.

If only getting smart were this easy | Don't you wish actual evolution worked this way? You're dropped out of an airplane and POP! You have wings! | Well, seeing as they disappeared for a few million years, I always knew that the coelacanth were a bit shy | The Dino People, or the guys that even the Ewoks beat up in space school | Poor hidden "segosaurus" | Gotta love that mysterious time stream

Don't you wish you got a crash course in Darwinism like this when you were born? | Why would a big ol', uh, Tyrasaurus be afraid of some monkeys? | Well, touchy... Although I don't really understand why. In fact, I don't understand much of this at all | Under the laws of evolution, Tyrasausus should have survived. He seemed quite a bit smarter... | Okay, apparently evolution should have also wiped out the translators of this game too. THAT MAKES EVOLUTION WRONG!

I wish that Darwinism would apologize like that to me