You never thought it possible, and yet here it is: The SNK-glish RPG. Oh yeah, thanks to this game and it's big brothers on the Dreamcast, games based on the summer, uh, "blockbuster" Evolution can't actually call their games Evolution! In your damn face, licensed crapola! Up with, uh, boring random dungeon RPGs!

From Ponpoko... oh christ, I can't resist... jump bounding around with his big belly out

A brilliant explanation of the battle system that's so brilliant no one can understand it | Chain is a character, and apparently he's the video game version of one Mr. Shteatrfrk | Launchers? What? I have no idea how anyone can beat a game like this with these sorts of hints | Your guess is as good as mine | Democracy, SNKglish style | Actually, your dad was probably talking about fishing or trucks or something, it's just that the SNK-speak made more sense if you thought he was talking about maps