Unreleased zaniness from Nintendo!

Contributed by Ed the Moogle and Nintendo Guru. Don't take them for ordinary men.

ZZTWizard's mom is claaing you!

Got what? | "Don't take me for an ordinary man. Although I am just an ordinary man." | No wonder it didn't see official release. | Hey! It's the 'ordinary man' guy's daughter! | Woah, he must feel special. | "Have you played Super Mario Bros. 7? I'm still playing Super Mario Bros. 3. It's been quite a challenge for me." | What hall? | If there were scary monsters, I wouldn't be so concerned about my money. Probably more about my own continued existence! | Why do they care about whether he eats lunch or not? | "Get to school! You are a school boy, aren't you?" | EBZ certainly understands politics. | "You're a strange person. But for some reason, I like you." | Remember, soulful cry! | "I am so embarrassed! I wish I could crawl into a hole." | Mysterious sound? I don't think that "pssssshhh" is terribly mysterious. | Noodlenoggin, hehe | Thanks for the original advice!

I'll CHECK it out! | I told you I already would, dammit! | Sucks to be that person | Considering a bat is blind, it would suck to lose ALL senses | That's an oxymoron or something | Uh, pleased to meet you | Returned to dust?

This could be heavily misinterpreted, hehehehe

Praise Jah! More herb! | If he was a TRUE hippie, he'd be stoned forever! | Uh oh... | Hi, Pippi | U Rappin' Bad | Why is this a Yes/No question? | Sure there is! Just don't be dead before dawn!