Don't you just love the preferences in this game? "I made you your favorite, [insert bodily excrement here]"

Contributed by Ed The Moogle. Ed the Moogle apologized profusely. And Madadder and BrandonTCA, say "fuzzy pickles!" And Webslinger pretended to cry. Person played dead. H. Hog complained to Ness.

And then Pentarou64 murdered Pokey with a stapler.

And Mikhail's HP are maxed out.

In TheGoldenSonic's opinion, flies make them taste better!

Jammies, hehehehehe | "(Besides humans, dogs also sleep at night. Why aren't you asleep?)" | Do they even have a category for that? | Uhh... What?

I saw! Bad stink behind falls! | Uh, okay, right... | If I was a Metal Gear soldier, I'd say "Huh? It's just an egg" | I wasn't aware of that piece of zombie lore | Who's bad? | Groovy, baby! | Well, at least SOMEONE loves me | Damn! I'm gonna need an egg fast! | Alright... | What a name... | I wish there was an obscenity that started with Q, then I'd yell that at him | "Oh, hi ho." | Well, what if I don't want to save you? | Don't get pissed off at inanimate objects, it causes stress | "We're talking major stinkage here!"

Fart jokes

Ooh, fancy meteorite! | A rather toungue twisted police officer | "Say 'fuzzy pickles'!" | Exorcist 4 | ROCKIN'! | Sexually confused little children | He'll face the wrath of my saikyo-ryu | Is he going to grope any girls at the party? | DESTROY! | Cheap? | Looks like Ness's gonna need a tetanus shot | The AOPM can't hold his liquor apparently | Gonna need some Nyquil... Make that a lot. | What the hell? | A confused cultist | Tiesel Bonne becomes a blue cultist | Okay, I won't... | Dungeons with entrance fees? | At least some dungeon designers are modest, a lot more than can be said for the Final Fantasy dungeon designers. | The trick to this spell is figuring out what it's spinning around! The terror! | Yeah, that would be nice | What the fuck is Mr. Saturn saying this time? | What the crap? | "It's a zombiefull day!" | NO! All nausea I've felt before was fake! | Uh... Gross... | What in the hell is a Crested Booka? | SO LONELY... (pt. 2) | RUN! | Oh god, not a lecture... | Some women... | They call me "Hugh G. Johnson"

Crows with angst are the worst kind | And you stink too | Delicious tasties! For me to eat? | SCHWING! | God, I hate Pokey (not the penguin) | Sarcasm is not for everyone.

Answering your own question | Because mumbling is hard work | And contract any number of venereal diseases! HOORAY! | But doesn't the AOPM enjoy the supple bosoms and tight bottoms of today's youth? | STORE IS CLOSED!!! SMASH!!! | Now that the hippie can correctly measure thing, he's on the first step to being a damn yuppie | Um, yeah | And Mani to you too! | Rock out, fleaswallow | I want this prick to get into a massive car accident | I am SO fucked | DUDE! SWEET! | We all are in awe of your tanning expertise | ROCK OVER LONDON! ROCK ON CHICAGO! | Certainly a good pitch man for the store | NEXT ON FOX: WHEN UNASSUMING LOCAL GUYS ATTACK! | "Also known as the drug capital of Earthbound!" | "So I wear diapers now!" | Bestseller material | Man, Moonside must have some lax recreational drug use laws | To the readers of this site: Would you do this for me too? | Miss Cleo would stomp your mousey ass

Well, uh, that's how the excretory system generally does work

How PUNNY! | Well, except Superman... And the Hulk... ...But we sure as hell can beat the shit out of Aquaman!

Well yeah, every male knows that

Well, what the hell did it hit? Cause the crater when you got there isn't that big. | Not unless your wife is Chyna...

Well, shit, sounds like I might not make it out of Peaceful Rest Valley in one piece


Yeah, nothing beats the taste of insect excrement | I know it's tough, but hang in there... | Hey... It's a COW and it streches words with "Moo" in it! BRILLIANT WRITING! | BRILLIANT WRITING! Part 2 | Wow... Even MY life's not that THAT fucking pathetic...

Racism rears it's ugly head... | Kiss my asp | Bonehead | WOW | ...God, I REALLY hate Pokey! | HOORAY FOR MOONSIDE! | What a stupid moron