Sadly, this surprisngly-decent puzzle game was pulled from the iTunes store. Presumably after the developers heard how badly they mangled the English language.

"Elf archeres shoot a shower of arrows"

No thank you, Mr. Dwarf.

That's a spicy fireball!

"The Elf King shoot Magic Missle"

Fight Masters are handy guys to have around.

I have no idea if this is helpful or not.


Because it's a SHOWER of arrows? Heh

Well hello yourself!

"Just stone. No good for whatsoever"

Again with the Magic Missle!

The pleasure's all yours, weird fishman!

"Gauge has four level"

What the heck is "Skill Casting"?

"The snowstorm raged all the area. Enemies are slow down"

"make a tremendous damage!"

"Whang~ Whang~"