Yet another throw back to the days of popping bubbles

From Vitriolic

I SHALL! | Wow... Probably the most repeated word in the game and they mispell it | NO I WON'T MAKE A GOD DAMN ZERO WING REFERENCE! | ...So a machine gun won't do shit against a flimsy block? | I guess the cold made the narrartor insane | Good English skills on the other hand | Thanks for all of the information! | Your using bad grammar for ONE OF those words... | "Next Extend" | The Power Wire: Proving that something with the word "Power" in it CAN be good! | KIN KORN KARN SAY A WINNER IS YOU! | A gun that embodies the power of DESTRUCITY! (except for in the case of flimsy walls) | So you can't take like a couple hours for a break from bursting balloons to see a city?