Bubble Bobble 3! Yeah, Bub and Bob kick serious ass. You'd better take a good long look at yourself if you don't like Bubble Bobble. I mean, woah, any cute little dinosaur that can trap cute little whales and cute little toaster guys in bubbles has to kick ass! Yeah!

The intro. Taito never learns.

The REAL intro! Taito tried to fool us - the bastards

"It is possible to jump even on bubbles!"

"By crushing the giant bubble, more higher points can be scored!"

"The room guarder Koornt is approaching fast"

Uh, another intro. How many of the damn things could we possibly need, Taito?

The magic number is five

Uh... uh... what?

I'm supposing this game was either created with either small children or retards in mind