I have this theory that Capcom actually only existed around 1988 and they import all of their games into the future using some time machine. How else do you explain that pretty much all of their game series still play like games of that era?

Contributions from Ragnarosen, Mew 2.5, Harper and Austen, worshippers of the porcelain god.

Also from Miss Kefka, who takes a little dip in the toilet occasionally.

Also from Sephy-kun, who exorcises his inner fatty to keep trim and slim.

Also from wvlfpvp?

ALSO from VXH, who will beat you up with your consent.

Sound advice from the folks at Capcom | "Ranger, are you working? You are working hard! | Hehehehehehhehehehehe | "TreePole: Be used for fishing"

A case of really, really, really blatant poor romanization. It's a rod | Ristband, hahahahahaha! | Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe! | "Wepn for a dancerfighter" | Isn't it supposed to go the other way around?

Really, thanks for telling us | "Nimufu? She's worshipping the porcelain god." | Oh my god... LOL!

THE END: What an accolade! | What kind of a scream is 'ye!'?!? | The game starred an elusive Hanter and a Hided Beast! | "Makotty (Loves you!)" | What the hell is a Ramberjack? | Woah! Check out all the R and B stars BoF2 starred! | Wow, George Lucas must have even had his hand in BoF2! | Even Disney helped!


Well that was hard

This man really loves his job

The game degrades into a BAD INFLUENCE

You're, uh, walcam or something like that | WHEE FECAL FUN!!!

"Then you will come inchu my mind?" | Alternative weight loss programs reach a new level of insanity | OK, it's a giant frog with a speech impediment, but why is it making ghost sounds? | ... or you'll what?

Remember kids, DON'T CALL SOMEONE BRAVE! | What are the secret powers? IT'S A SECRET TO EVERYBODY! | Yeah, that's a question for the ages... | It can hear ANY words? I'D BUY THAT FOR A DOLLAR! | I don't know... Was saving the one who's destined to save the world a good thing? | Wow... First a collar with mystery powers, now a "mystery medal"? This is a game of wonders!

Read: Makes me need to change my pants, and not even in a sexual meaning

This kid is in for the disappointment of a lifetime... unless he makes a pact with Satan or something | This doesn't sound like such a swell church | Why the question mark? | You've just blown my mind! Our minds have been blown! | Time machines havn't been invented yet, silly | I want you learn speak better | Survival of the toughest and most indigestible | What kind of meter is this in? | Good question | Didn't you know that looks aren't always everything? | "Become a part of the limitless love God." | Just what was going on when she trailed off and went "Ummm"? | To be fair, he enjoys hurting men also | Shit, we're all screwed | A true Christian, advising others to turn the other cheek | Looks like someone beat Chaz's record | Going about their work... so that's what they call it now | He's got huge sharp... He can leap about a mile... Look at the bones! | Pity to anyone who tries to pronounce the name of this place | How will he file his tax returns?? | EXTREME UNNECESSARY COMMAS | Wang, bang, thank you mang | What a filthy game this is. For shame, Capcom | By God, YES, I wnat to!

Majorly fucked up credits: Wow, look at all these famous authors who contributed to BOF2 | See you later, Mr. Co-operator | TITI? EFCUP? Are they talking about boobs? | Is that like a landlord? | She's lonely for sex | Other than the water, just what was in Capcom's water coolers? | "Thank you so match for playing!"