When once questioned about this game, I replied "What the hell is this crap?" and continued playing Lunar.

These quotes come from Ragnarosen, who is more accurately described as "Breath of Bad"

And Taiyoneko, "Breath of Garlic"

And wlvfpvp, "Breath of Vomit"

And Lemon-chan, "Breath of Assy"

And Micha, "Breath of Tuna"

And Pixel, "Breath of Halitosis"

This reminds me of Jerkcity | "Come back after you drop he OldEgg into the ocean volcano" | Nothing like a little 80's pop music reference to liven up the game

I think they use this sound effect in hentai manga... | Whee! The village of happy thieves! Tell me, why do they have villages of thieves in RPGs? Wouldn't that make it a whole lot easier for law enforcement to track down criminals?

This guy is TUFF | Well, thanks for the encouragement | DON'T PATRONIZE ME | STUPID BAGS OF MOSTLY WATER

He doesn't seem very angry to me, though | Someone didn't do a very good job teaching these people English, dammit | Elder speaks: The Dance Remix | More damn space language speaking people | This sounds like that one scene from Return of the Jedi. THERE WILL BE NO BARGAIN, JE-DI

She's a regular Miss Cleo | I WOULD say that it just MIGHT be something abnormal, but then again, so is WISING FWUM YOW GWAVE | I guess that's one of those old "long S's" and not an f? | I have no idea what's going on here, but I guess Miss Cleo is at it again. CALL ME NOW! | Yes, she's schizophrenic. However, she's schizo IN OUR FAVOR! | Good ol' Wesley Willis. "Ba Ba Booey"

NO. | It's Pat! | Believe in yourself, and anything can happen!