Yes, the vastly improved upgrade in the Neo Geo's most daringly original fighting game series. Yes. I am not being sarcastic at all.

From Super Draygon 2 X Turbo Hyper Fighting: The New Challengers: Love Story

Yep, there's me in the Encyclopedia! | "Or maybe a doggie bag!" | DUH I USE BIG WORDS PRETENCE NUCLEAR DUH I M SMRT | Make up your damn mind, fruity! | It must get awfully heavy | Oh! It's a refugee from Magician Lord! | "Because I can hide behind the guy who's better than me!" | I made you your favorite! Human Flesh | No, I haven't, but now I do. THE MORE YOU KNOW!

Second cousin, actually | Did someone spike your drink? | I can't get no satisfaction... | EVIL PRINCE LUDWIG VILL HAFF HIS REWENGEE! | For the last time, getting the "You won second place in a beauty contest" card in Monopoly doesn't prove anything | Rich bastard | Yeah, but the skill of my friend is sharper than the skill of your friend | Spiffy! | Guh? | Sorry, I already toured your mother last night | TOP SECRET UNAUTHORISED PROTIP | And I swear on my dead goldfish and my dead hamster that it is! | I'll revenge whoever I damn well want to revenge, asshole | Thank you sir, may I have another?