It's kind of like Megaman, but more...different.

From a nice grayhaired Badman

Your state-of-the-art sound effects are no match for Bravoman! | HA! I think not. | Especially after I installed that cannon in my head... | They captured Lottery-Man?! If I don't rescue him, the world will descend into anarchy! | I'am still waiting | Push run? Huh? | Come on! Push it! | P-push it real good! | Best. Credits. Ever. | Only if you get mine first | No! Don't cough on me! You'll give me death! | It's not Stavromula Beta, is it? | Don't you wish all endings were like this? | ...or what? What are you trying to say? | Have you been sniffing your hair dye again? | And behind all this bull shit is...Encoreman? | That's the most intimidating speech from a final boss I've heard in years. "I'M A NICE GRAYHAIRED MAN." | They ride a seahorse, and speak in code that's Morse! | Oh no! | His right hand has a name? That's...kinky | The Japanese sure know how to make a telephone box. | I'll vanquish him with whatever the hell I want to, you crazy bastard | Oh yeah? Well...BRAVO! | You'll spend your days in a craze, when you're lost in a maze | A little too modern, unfortunately | Go out and yell this at someone you love. I don't know why, just do it. | I think Dr. Bomb's getting a little annoyed | Come back here! BRAVO! | OHCH! | Do not punch the inanimate objects, Bravoman | The most despicable villain in the universe...and he's left me with the bill! | DO YOU HAVE STAIRS IN YOUR HOUSE | GooseAss, this one's for you | And make sure you revenge Joe's brother while you're at it | Stop that, Bravoman. | Seriously. Cut it out. | Oh, Bravoman. When will you learn to control your violent temper? | ROCK!!! | Good idea, friend from Planet Alfa! After that, maybe I'll try ducking when he shoots at my head! | Does it have something to do with pistols? | Ooh! You bitch! | I noticed. | That's...nice to know. | I'm speechless. Again. | Yes. | Ow! You're torturing my toe! | Awwww... | Community service at the old folks' home? | Apparently not. | You can tell by the look on Bravoman's face that he's starting to get embarrassed | Thank you sir, may I have another? | GO AWAY. | YHAA!